Friday, March 16, 2007

What's this called?

The auntie selling vegie keep asking me to buy this, i've never cook this before, dun know what its good for and how it taste like, i dun even know how does it looks like inside.. (shd have taken a shot when i halfed it). Eden said she cooked this in Philippines, said it taste like papaya, she used to cook this with eggs. Seems like they'd cook everything with eggs in Philippines, she would cook sardine with eggs, miced chicken with eggs, eggplant with eggs..

I stir-fried it with mushroom, shrimp, chicken (whatever i can find from my fridge) and oyster sauce. It doesn't have a strong taste on its own, light and abit crunchy like cucumber. i like it, Ning's daddy dun mind it too, will try making soup with this next time.

So... what exactly is this called?

Here's what my friend found for me... 佛手瓜. Thanks Karen!

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