Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yummy Yummy Food...

I was in the kitchen one day when Ning came in and said this to me...

"mama I wan eat some yummy yummy food peas..." she put together all the singular words she knew and form this sentence on her own. And thats the longest sentence I've heard from her so far... see the power of food?

Whenever I say... " Ning Ning, say Mama I love you..."
She would say... "Mama love me too..."

Dong Zhi

I made some "tang yuen" with Ning on "Dong Zhi"... She sure had fun!

"mama .. can?"
"mama.. see..."


A Merry Christmas

December is my favourite month in the year, I love the mood of Christmas. Now that its over and I'm glad my life has finally gotton back to normal, I found myself standing in front of the oven today, thinking .. what do I NEED to bake today.. I've been baking so much I feel weird when I'm not baking... We had 5 parties. It's been a really busy month. Not to mention and the never ending mahjong sessions thats leaves my body aching all over... Overall, My family and I had a good season, we are looking forward to the new year.

That's Ning's very 1st pair of shoes, hanging on our X'mas tree...

Ning with Bei, Amy's elder son, a very bright and cheery little boy.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Xmas Party 2007

My buddy and I host a xmas party at my place for our friends, It was one of the best xmas party I've had. Lots of friends, yummy food, wine and VERY VERY loud music. Thanks to the DJ - my hubby! We had our condo security officers knocking at our door right after midnight.. hehe... who cares, we all had fun!

We had personalised cupcakes to welcome our guests!

Amy baked this delicious turkey, it was very good! The whole bird was almost gone by the end of the night. I wonder what happen to the wish bone!

We had a dress code for our party.. Yes, White Christmas! Don't these guys look handsome in white?

We finished this much, whoever threw away the JD's cap and thought we could finished that too.. keke...

Fruit Cakes

I don't really like to eat fruit cakes, but I'm happy with the batch i baked for one of our xmas party. They are not dense and overly sweet like the traditional fruit cake. I can still taste the 5 different fruits I had in there, apricots, cranberries, rasins, pinapple, prunes. The trick to make your fruit cake well-liked - CUT DOWN ON THE SUGAR.

My Buddy's Birthday

My third birthday cake, I baked it for my buddy and we had a mini celebrations at her place. Ning was so excited during the whole sing song-make wish-blow candles process, I'm sure she thought it was HER birthday again...

Fruit Tarts

Fruit tarts I made, I coated the tart shells with a thin layer of chocolate, filled them with instant mango pudding and top up with canned fruits.. its was easy to make and very fruiti-licious :)

For the record, I failed on my first batch of tart shell, shown above on the left, I just pressed a ball of dough into the tart case, it turns out so thick that I didn't even have enough space for fillings.. On my second attempt, I rolled out the dough evenly, quite thinly, before i lay them into the tart case... i works much better as shown above on the right. Lesson learned: Don't be lazy! hehe...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Little Bakers

My best friend Karen brought her 2 girls, and Hui Hui's 2 girls over for a "baking class". It was an afternoon of girlish giggling.

We had donuts, fruit cake and juicy grapes for tea break

After putting the cupcakes into the oven to bake, they are ready to make cookies

I demo a doggy...

The gals were left on their own while Pris, Karen and I had coffee break.

When they are done, there were no doggies... but I'm impressed by their creativity..

Little fingers at work

The gals are happy with their creations

Happy Birthday Sis

My 2nd birthday cake, I made it for my sis. Its a chocolate sponge cake with peach fillings.

I coated some marshmallow for her too...