Friday, December 28, 2007

Xmas Party 2007

My buddy and I host a xmas party at my place for our friends, It was one of the best xmas party I've had. Lots of friends, yummy food, wine and VERY VERY loud music. Thanks to the DJ - my hubby! We had our condo security officers knocking at our door right after midnight.. hehe... who cares, we all had fun!

We had personalised cupcakes to welcome our guests!

Amy baked this delicious turkey, it was very good! The whole bird was almost gone by the end of the night. I wonder what happen to the wish bone!

We had a dress code for our party.. Yes, White Christmas! Don't these guys look handsome in white?

We finished this much, whoever threw away the JD's cap and thought we could finished that too.. keke...

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Little Corner of Mine said...

What a great party! I like your dress code, white...really look so good on all of you. Love your cupcakes too, very pretty!