Monday, May 28, 2007

Bikini Babe

Cranberry Cream Scones

This is my second attempt on scones in 3 days. I used Nestle UHT cream, it gaves a rich milky aroma and taste. I made them in bite sizes too, so they are fast to cook and easy to eat.

I think they taste great especially when freshly out of the oven.. well, at least uncle Eric says they are ok, Constance once told me Eric have high expectation on food, so I guess if he says they are ok, it means they are superb! hahaha..

Thanks to Baking Fiend for sharing her recipe and tips on this scones, I will surely explore futher into the rocky road of scones making.

Anyway, This is my first scones, I tried to be creative and added some mini chocolate chips. Taste great... if you like your scones hard as rock.. hehe

I had a great time shooting most of them into the bins to hear how loud the thuds are :p

Mini Banana Choc Chips Loafs

Ain't they sooo cute..
Forgive me if you keep seeing banana cake on my blog, we always have bananas at home cos ning and her daddy likes to eat them after meal, or in fact, anytime. So everytime these unfinished brothers gets over ripe, I'll bake them into banana cakes for our breakfast and tea breaks.
I bought some mini silicone loaf moulds from daiso lately, and tried them on these cake, they are so cute, you can eat a loaf with just 2 mouthful!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Durian Cupcakes

These durians cupcakes has fresh puree durian fillings, I made 35 cuppies from 4 boxes durians I bought from Giant. Yum yum, they taste even better when serve chilled.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ka Ka and me

We were waiting for our taxi and TT carry ning around chasing after little yellow butterflies, they came back with little flowers behind their ears... They look so sweet...
But I still told TT not to pluck flowers and also warned her that these stuff may cause skin allergy to little kids.
True enough, later when we were at vivocity with with my buddy, ning had some rashes on her face and behind her ears, luckily they went away shortly after I cleaned them with wet wipes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oreo Cupcakes

Will be hanging out with my buddy tomorrow and I wanted to bake her something...

Had all the ingredients to make Oreo Cupcakes, so I tried it out. As usual, TT is very keen to help, so she crushed the oreo cookies for me. I filled the muffins cups too much and the cakes are flowing out of the cup halfway thru the baking process, so you can imagine the mess I had in the oven.

I only had a couple of nice ones.. so i decided to keep them all for ourselves.

Other than the appearance, I like the taste of this cake, soft and spongy, and fragranted with oreo. This is the 1st time I bake with yogurt, and I like the result. Not so buttery and I guess that means less fattening. Will use this recipe to try out Blueberry, Strawberry cupcakes soon.

Sorry Pris, will bake for you some professional looking ones next time.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all wonderful mummies ... A Happy Happy Mother's Day!!!

I made this pinapple upsidedown cake for my mother-in-law.

Thanks Aunty Yochana for sharing your idea on this cake.

And this Chocolate Marble Cake is for my mummy dearest....

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Superstar

Nai nai got this shades for ning, and ning enjoy putting them on. She would even run the the mirrow to look at herself whenever we put on the shades for her.
Ning would automatically raise her hand and dance whenever she hears.. " oh me sun, sun, mr golden sun, please shine down on me... " So if you want her to stop doing whatever she is doing, just sing her this song. She would just drop whatever she is holding and start dancing.

Ham Sandwiches

Breakfast with love... for the lucky man who married me... hehehe

Tom Yum Udon

Another Easy Lunch I cook while ning was taking her nap.
Here's how to cook this.
1. Boil tomyum paste in 500-750ml water
2. Dump in everything else and bring to boil
hehe.. enjoy...

Trishaw Noodles

I tried this recipes from Food & Travel, its really easy and yummy.

Its called "Trishaw Noodles" because in the 60's, it was lunch for the trishaw riders, and this used to cost two cents a bowl...

Here's how to cook this

1. Soak dried shrimps for about 1 hour
2. Bring chicken stock and dried shrimps to boil
3. Add noodles and chai xin and boil till cooked
4. Serve with dried shallot and shallot oil

I added sliced Ngoh Hiang for luxury.. haha

Uncle Stanley and Me

Steam Rainbow Cake

Are these tiny little rainbow cakes cute? ning get really excited when i gave her one..

Steam Yam Cake

My 1st attempt on Steam Yam Cake, I added pumkin for extra sweetness.. its turns out not salty enough. Not very tasty to eat the steamed version, so i panfried them and we eat with chilli sauce.. not too bad for 1st attempt lah...

Fish Porridge

This is an easy fish porridge I always cook for ning, and its also what eden had fail to achieve after 6 months. sometimes I have to discard the whole little pot of porridge she cooked cos its too dry for ning, you can turn the pot of porridge upside down and the porridge still stays in the pot...

Last Dinner

We have decided to send Eden back to the maid agency after her being 6 months with us, she wasn't really shock when I told her to pack up on the day of her departure.

I wanted to list out here the reasons why we have to send her back, but the list will be too long and i may seem like a fussy gossiping employer..

Her last dinner I cooked.. hope she had enjoyed..

btw, she can't cook us a decent meal, I always does the cooking.. haha.. die die must gossip about her.