Monday, May 28, 2007

Cranberry Cream Scones

This is my second attempt on scones in 3 days. I used Nestle UHT cream, it gaves a rich milky aroma and taste. I made them in bite sizes too, so they are fast to cook and easy to eat.

I think they taste great especially when freshly out of the oven.. well, at least uncle Eric says they are ok, Constance once told me Eric have high expectation on food, so I guess if he says they are ok, it means they are superb! hahaha..

Thanks to Baking Fiend for sharing her recipe and tips on this scones, I will surely explore futher into the rocky road of scones making.

Anyway, This is my first scones, I tried to be creative and added some mini chocolate chips. Taste great... if you like your scones hard as rock.. hehe

I had a great time shooting most of them into the bins to hear how loud the thuds are :p

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