Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oreo Cupcakes

Will be hanging out with my buddy tomorrow and I wanted to bake her something...

Had all the ingredients to make Oreo Cupcakes, so I tried it out. As usual, TT is very keen to help, so she crushed the oreo cookies for me. I filled the muffins cups too much and the cakes are flowing out of the cup halfway thru the baking process, so you can imagine the mess I had in the oven.

I only had a couple of nice ones.. so i decided to keep them all for ourselves.

Other than the appearance, I like the taste of this cake, soft and spongy, and fragranted with oreo. This is the 1st time I bake with yogurt, and I like the result. Not so buttery and I guess that means less fattening. Will use this recipe to try out Blueberry, Strawberry cupcakes soon.

Sorry Pris, will bake for you some professional looking ones next time.

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