Thursday, April 12, 2007

Seaweed & Sesame Cookies

I had a packet of seaweed flakes thats expiring soon, so i search around for a recipe that i could use up my seaweed flakes, found Aunty Yochana's Vegetarian Salted Seaweed Cookies. I added some sesame and created these.
I dun really like the texture of these cookies, its abit powdery. And its really a painful job trying to push these little flowers out of the mould.
I'm giving these to my sis hoping she can leave them in her office and someone can help me finish them up. Thats doing justice to my aching fingers.. hehe..
Will still look around for a recipe that can produce thin and crispy seaweed cookies. If you have one, please share it with me. tks!

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