Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pan Fried Cod with Mushrooms

On our recent 10 days trip to Tokyo/Osaka, Ning's meal times were distorted. She had only half a doughnut for lunch one day, and skipped meals for at least twice.. Every mealtime was a battle for me, nothing seems to interest her. She was too distracted by everything else, and never seems to be hungry. But its really obvious that her litttle tummy is getting flatter and flatter each day.. its driving me crazy... I wonder how many parents out there gets as panicky as me when their little ones dun eat well.

Now that we are back, I try to make up for her lost lbs. Here's a healthy yummy lunch I cooked for her, I am so pleased she eat up everything on her plate.

Pan-fried Cod with mushrooms, Ning finished up eveything on her plate with a small bowl of rice.
Fish seems to get more costly lately, a small portion of cod fish I bought from Supermarket costs S$8.

Cookie and cream ice cream on banana (coudn't find my chocolate syrup). A little bonus for her whenever she finish all her lunch. She gets to eat her portion of fruits as well. Ning loves ice cream so much that she can say "ice kim piss".. she meant "ice cream please..."

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