Saturday, August 18, 2007

Trio Color Bento

During our holiday in Japan, one of the easiest meal I gave Ning was a bento like this. We can easily buy them from their convenient store such as FamilyMart or AM/PM. They will heat it up abit at the cashier when we pay and its ready to eat. Mine here is a simple version, what we get there for around 350yen consist of stuff like these and some fried items on the side, such as chicken nuggets, meat balls etc. I should have took a photo, sorry...

My 1st bento for Ning's dinner. Consisting of rice with fried salmon, shredded egg, buttered spinach and miso soup with egg tofu. Ning was very excited to see it and she enjoyed every bits of it!

As you can see, I am enjoying cutting flowers with my cookie cutter.
and I got the cute lunch box from Daiso in Japan for 100yen.

My darling had a little jelly for desert today.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Very nice bento! Peony made a lot of bentos for her grandson too! Me too lazy, because preparing bento is a lot of extra work!

Ning's Mummy said...

Hi Little Corner,

Yes, I made quite a mess in the kitchen while preparing this little one, gotta be quick as well with each items so they won't turn cold.. hope I'll get better with it.

Rene said...

Nice bento! My girl loves eating out of her bento box too, even thou we eat at home. (^.^)