Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Luncheon Meat Rice

My mum often cook this for us when we were young, its super easy to prepare. I remembered mum told me our dad dislike eating this rice, I never asked why. 20years later, now, Ning's daddy didn't like it too... and I don't have to ask why. If he knows I'm cooking this, he'd say "huh, we no money liao izzit?" or he'd say "Coco (my Chiwawa)... dinner time!" I wondered if that's the same reason why my dad dislike this rice 2 decades ago. Maybe I should call this "Ego bruising rice" haha!

How to make:
  • Smash luncheon meat into your desired pieces and set aside

  • Cook rice in rice cooker as per normal

  • When rice is just cook, pour luncheon meat onto rice and cover for 5mins

  • Drizzle some dark soya sauce and sesame oil for added fragrant and taste.

  • Mix well and serve hot
I prefer to eat it plain with my favourite chili sauce.

For luncheon meat, I'd rather pay double for those that says "Product of Denmark" instead of the common ones that are produce in ... you know what I mean?


Little Corner of Mine said...

Your husband so direct one also huh? LOL! What about luncheon meat fried rice? My hubby on the other hand loves fried luncheon meat!

Ning's Mummy said...

Hi Little corner of mine,
Now that you mentoned, i suddenly have a craving for luncheon meat fried rice..hehe..

SteamyKitchen said...

LOVE LOVE this. I made a Spam Fried Rice a few weeks back - my kids went nuts! I also wrote a little "Ode to Spam in the style of Dr. Seuss" for the recipe and now the kids ask me to make it all the time. Come over and read if you want a good laugh!