Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our Wedding Anniversary

We had dinner every year at the Hilltop Restaurant. That's where Ning's daddy had asked me to marry him. Its not a fancy restaurant, but its one of my favourite.

Once, when we were not driving, we foolishly think its romantic and managable to just walk down the hill after dinner. Luckily an old couple driving down hill offered to gave us a lift when they saw us in the middle of nowhere. While chatting, they said they frequent the restaurant way back when they were dating. I told Ning's daddy I want us to be like them, so we agreed to spend every of our anniversary there. Actually, tats not a bad idea, we don't have to crack of mind with where to eat every year.

I am a lucky woman, I have a loving hubby, a adorable and healthy child, and more than 50pairs of shoes... what more would I ask for... haha!

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Little Corner of Mine said...

How sweet!

Oh girl, where did you put all your shoes? LOL!