Friday, September 7, 2007

Doughnuts Wannabes

I meant to make doughnuts, but ended up with these chocolate chips sweet buns instead.
I've never tried making bread, the "proving" steps always holds me back from trying out any bread recipe.
I turn to a packet of doughnut premix for a easy 1st bread making experience. The instructions were simple, just add water to the premix, beat with a mixer and leave it to prove, then shape and fry them.. sounds like simple. But, my mixer went dead halfway thru my mixing process, I have to hand massage them further, and leave the dough covered to prove. 30mins later, my dough grown double. I happily rolled them out wanting to shape them with my cutter.. I couldn't do it properly, after messing with them for a while, the dough flattens out. I let them prove again. Another 20mins later, I try to shape them again, but they still flopped. In the end, I just threw in some chocolate chips, rolled them into a swissroll and cut into small portions, leave it to prove for another 20mins and bake them in the oven. I didn't want to fry them cos I'm afraid they might not make it and I will ended up wasting more oil.
Surprisingly, the bread turns out nicely from the oven, really taste like freshly bake sweet buns! Soft and fluffy. So, I failed miserably with the doughnuts, but still managed to salvage a pass with the buns right? :)

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