Friday, September 7, 2007

The Hi 5 Circus Stage Show

Ning is a little Hi5 fan, it never fails to cheer her up whenever we put on a Hi5 vcd. When she was smaller, she would only sit still thru her meal if she gets to watch it.

So, since the band is in town, we decided to give her a treat. We managed to get a ticket on the first row from the stage and right in the centre, I was looking forward to see Ning sing and dance to the music just like she would when she watches Hi 5 at home... But, thru the 1st half of the show, ning was clinging to my body like a koala bear, she only started 'detached' from me, moved abit closer to the stage, swayed shyly to the music... when the show was almost ending.

We ended up spending more money on their merchandises than on the ticket. Now Ning would hug her Hi5 cushion whenever she watch Hi5, and we even have to hide the Tshirt cos she would want to wear it everyday...

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