Friday, September 7, 2007

Mocha Cupcakes

Saw this recipe from the latest copy of Women's Weekly magazine and I was very keen to try it out. It uses yogurt instead of butter. The coffee and cocoa aroma was heavenly while it bakes, but the taste was not as good as I've expected, the texture of the cake was abit rubbery, I think I did not beat the egg long enough. Will try making them again, hoping.. practice makes perfect!


Happy Homebaker said...

I saw the same recipe...but after reading thru the ingredients I realised that there is no oil/butter at all. So I give it a I found that any cakes/muffins will not turn out good if there is no oil/butter...even if only a very small amount is used, it will help make the muffins soft. I've tried one muffin recipe that has no oil/ turned out so dry and rubbery, I have to threw them away :(

Ning's Mummy said...

Hi Happy Homebaker,

Yes, you are right, mine turns out rubbery too.

But I really like the combination of cocoa and coffee..