Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Marshmallow Cakes (Kiwi and Orange)

I decided to make these marshmallow cakes after I saw Baking Mum's beautifully made Peach Marshmallow Cakes. I have never eaten a marshmallow cake before, so I was rather curious how it would taste like. I was so anxious I took a slice of it before it really set. hehe... And I love it! Ning's daddy likes it too. It has a combination of salty (digestive biscuits), sweet (marshmallow fillings) and sourish (fruits) taste. The crusty biscuit base goes well with the toufu like marshmallow custard and the fruity jello. Take a mouthful and it feels like magic! Am I exaggerating? Try it and you will know :)

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Little Corner of Mine said...

Nice! Nice! Haven't tried this too!